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Small business and large alike have a growing need to take credit cards for means payment. But are often unhappy with the service or fees associated with them. Let us offer a free analysis to see if we can save you money. Our merchant services partner has been in business for over 20 years and has one of the best reputations and lowest attrition rates in the industry. you can only obtain that by offering competitive rates and superb service. While MoxxeeMedia has always focused on bringing you more customers and clients, we now can guarantee* to make them more profitable, as well.

This year there is a crucial shift in the credit card processing laws. With digital fraud and identity theft in the 10s of billions, banks and processors are in frantically upgrading their security measures. With pressure from banking industry, who currently takes the brunt of the blow in credit cards fraud, Government is mandating upgrades to support a more secure, microchipped credit cards. Its crucial that all business upgrade the terminals, sliders, to sync with the new high tech credit cards. We have you covered for EMV compliance, but you only have until October 2015 to switch over, lest you be liable for fraud, subject to higher fees and penalties. Do not let this happen to your business.
Get a free profitability assessment today.. you’ll be securing your sales and saving money tomorrow.

888 626 2WIN (2946)

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