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Augmented Reality, Clickable Print

One of our favorite “WOW” products is the emerging technology of augmented reality.  Yes, the future is here, your magazine print ad or business card can now talk to your audience, assess your interests,  show you the back of that tempting dress, or the inside of that home and can even take orders for you (via free smart phone apps)   

As if that isnt enough, the fact that it his kind of engagement not only drives more sales for advertisers, but it is also now trackable like print orn ever was.  In this ever busier world of email and social overload, maybe print marketing makes sense.  It will make you stand out and can support your online efforts, but if you are going to spend money on postage and printing, be sure you maximize your efforts by adding an engaging smart phone click through campaign.  Your response rate will go up and be far more immediate and indelible, as well as providing statistical reporting.

We specialize in designing  living business cards plus the videos and the interactive buttons that go with them.  If you’ve ever felt your business card just doesn’t quite say enough about you or what you do…you’ve come to the right place.

Call us today about your winning campaign in the world of interactive, clickable print.  888 626 2WIN

Trackable, Interactive features of our living business cards.

  • OPEN A WEBSITE  *hope it’ s a good one designed by Moxxee!
  • PLAY VIDEO or AUDIO  *say more, get views, get leads
  • SHOW CAROUSEL * if video is not your thing
  • DIRECT CALLS *if its easy to reach you then its likely you’ll get the call
  • LIKE US ON FB  *face it people love face book.
  • SHARE ON TWITTER  *advocate are always a good thing
  • SEND US AN EMAIL  *easy access, means they will
  • ADD TO CONTACTS *never again hear I lost your number
  • SHOW AN ADDITIONAL IMAGE  * because cards are so small
  • VOTE IN A POLL  *have fun with this one, get them engaged
  • BUY NOW   *our very favorite
  • DOWNLOAD an APP  *gain subscribers, deepen your connection

More customization available on request.  888 626 2946

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