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Affordable Video Marketing

MoxxeeMedia specializes in small business marketing, so we understand how difficult it is to keep abreast with new technology and social marketing tactics, and how impossible it is as a sole proprietor or entrepreneur to do it all yourself.  There is simply no way to learn it all and no reason for you to.  We’ve got you covered for all your small business video marketing needs.


VIdeo Leads Pro - Affordable video marketing by MoxxeeMedia

Small biz affordable video marketing by MoxxeeMedia

Video marketing efforts and video styles vary, but no doubt it’s a huge part of an interactive trend.  While capturing and editing cell phone IS getting simpler, creating a professional video can be daunting to some who aren’t technical or creative, or are simply focused on their core business.

Why you want video on your site and on your social pages!

  • It is simply more fun and engaging, most people would prefer to watch video than learn about you via a long read.
  • A picture speaks 1000 words… but video delivers millions of data bits in just seconds.
  • Video holds visitors’ interest longer, thereby giving your site rankings a bit of lift with search engines.
  • It provides a deeper look into who you are, what you do, and an opportunity for building trust.
  • It solidifies your brand,  telling a story,creating a more in-depth impression in the viewers mind.
  • Today’s video players can be highly interactive, and video views provide trackable marketing unlike other methods such as straight up print mailing.

Many business owners do not see themselves speaking on camera, and do not have proper set up, lighting etc.  No worries,  even slideshow videos or videos from powerpoint can give you a big boost to your site, and audience engagement. We even have affordable voice over actors actresses!

If you are in a hands-on trust position, such as real estate marketing or financial planning, we recommend your image be in at least one of the frames/slides.  More than that is up to you and your budget.

Give us your thoughts and and we will match up capabilities and results, video creation can cost anywhere from about $125 on up to 10s of $1000s. Regardless of your budget please commit to adding video to your tool chest.  MoxxeeMedia can provide very affordable video marketing for your small business.

Holly, you are the one! The video that you and  Moxxeemedia created made us look great! Thank you!  Michael B – Owner / Award Winning Body Builder / Trainer  – BIG GROUP FITNESS, San Clemente

Michael is not alone…people love  MoxxeeMedia ON YELP

A FEW MORE EXAMPLES including this one with interactive buttons, and the singing business card, that gets gigs on the spot!

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