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Marketing deliverables have changes a great deal int the last decade or so.  We’ve shifted from hard copy advertising to digital assets, online and social outreach.   While we are always scoping or testing out the latest technology and tactics, we still find effective results in some very traditional or guerilla marketing tools and products.

While duly noted that it often takes 7 impressions for consumers to be aware of your message, brand or to take action as desired, it doesn’t always have to be the same type of impression.  Consistency is vital, but we recommend layering your marketing approach and using a variety of methods for a stronger ‘lbs per square inch’ type effect.

• Text Broadcasting Software
• Email Marketing Tools w/ Auto Responders
• Videos:   slideshow, social, onsite
• Lead Capture Video Players
• Promotional Items, 3D Mail
• Interactive print: (w/ trackable, embedded video and /or call-to-action buttons)
-“Living” business cards
– Virtual Tour Flyers
–  Tell your story talking Ads, brochures
–  Augmented reality collateral
• Partner Postcards™
• MoxxeeBoxx™ Lead/Contest boxes
• DigiXtream Live Streaming Media Box


888 626 2WIN

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