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Our marketing experience was created by design… literally.

Founder, creative director and lead designer, Holly Willner is degreed in computer programming/systems analysis and later certified in graphic deHolly Winn Willner, foudner , creative director, MoxxeeMedia, Orange county creative agencysign where she started her career in marketing. She began the new career path in the high-pressure rigors of a pre-press printer, then onto ad agencies, real estate firms and home improvement companies before striking out on her own in 2004 creating MoxxeeMedia*.  The left brain and right brain come together nicely in the many tasks required in marketing from plotting and strategic thinking to visual arts and overall creativity.

Ms. Willner  is well-versed in the core Adobe Suite products, and also touts mastery of Microsoft PowerPoint, Powerpoint for video, having managed and or freelanced on projects for clients like Over the Top car Care and Rene Audra Beauty to giants like Toyota,  Hines Nursery Budget Blinds and Laclede.  She has also keen eye and experience in arts/crafts , photography, photo styling, set design and home staging.

Partners,  tech support and creative contributors include  son and daughter, as well as an entire team  of  designers, local SEO experts, and WordPress web developers at the ready.

When you trust MoxxeeMedia with your brand development and design ideas, we obsess over your message and ensure that we present and protect your brand as if it were our own.  Our creativity does not stop at art or design,  we are problem solvers and solution providers.

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*a.k.a. Moxxee Media,  Moxee Media, Moxie Media